Dock Spaces

Dock Spaces 4.06

Have up to 10 Docks on your Mac


  • Vastly increases the organization of your desktop
  • Completely free
  • Supports Growl and Stacks
  • Very fast switches


  • Would be nice if you could label separate docks
  • Prone to instability

Very good

The Mac Dock is one of the simplest but most elegant features of Mac OS. However, its very easy to fill it up too quickly with lots of different programs. That's where Dock Spaces comes in.

Dock Spaces is a small application that allows you to have up to 10 different docks and switch between them anytime you want from the menu bar. The organizational possibilities are endless. You can have one for work, one for leisure, one for games, one for video players etc. No longer will you spend precious time scanning your dock trying to find the right application.

You have some control over customization such as choosing between 2D and 3D icons, adjusting the transparency and it also supports stacks and Growler notifications. The previous version was a little slow switching from one Dock to another but the latest version, which is fully Snow Leopard compatible, makes it almost instantaneous meaning you don't miss a beat accessing your different Docks and applications. However, it is still occasionally subject to crashes and instability so use it with care.

There really isn't much to criticize about Dock Spaces other than it will probably tempt you to go crazy on installing new apps as organizing applications has never been easier.

10.5 and PPC Support


  • 10.5 and PPC Support

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Dock Spaces


Dock Spaces 4.06

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